Boxing Equipment

Boxing is a game, which involves the testing of one's skill, physical energy and tolerance. Played on the basis of knocking out, boxing requires the competitors to punch each other on the face, and the person getting the maximum punches on the opponent's face is declared the winner. In the earlier days of boxing, the boxers played with bare hands with no safety gear to protect the face. This often resulted in bruised faces, broken noses or even serious injuries to the eyes, nose and the brain. However, as time passed, boxing rules changed and boxers started using boxing equipments like gloves, hand straps, helmets and other such things.

Need of high quality boxing equipment

Boxing equipment is an important pre-requisite if one is interested in boxing, whether to develop physical strength or to box professionally. Moreover, whatever boxing equipment is bought, it must be of the highest quality since boxing involves punching on the face and other sensitive areas like the eyes, ears, nose and the brain. With low quality boxing equipments, the purpose of safeguarding one's vital organs would not be achieved. Moreover, one should not box without adequate preparation, that is without the protective gear, as boxing can be a risky game.

Choosing the right boxing equipment

As mentioned, boxing even as a game can be risky and therefore, it is imperative that boxers use the right boxing equipment to safeguard themselves from untoward incidents during a bout. In this regard, the foremost thing that a boxer must concentrate on is the right boxing equipment. He must use the right boxing equipment as unsuitable gear may lead him to injuries. Selecting the right sized gloves and helmets is therefore, important. Ill-fitting or loose gloves may result in improper grip making the boxer vulnerable in front of his opponent.

Types of boxing equipment

The items, which are categorized under boxing equipment, are the clothes, the practice equipment and the protection gear.

  • Clothes: the clothes include the boxing shorts, a vest and the shoes. The boxer should make it a point to select the right-sized clothes so that they are neither too loose nor too tight to make him uncomfortable. Getting the right-sized comfortable shoes appropriate for boxing, is important, as the boxer has to move swiftly across the ring without tiring. Therefore, the shoes must provide him agility and swiftness. Boxing shoes are different from other sports shoes in the sense that they are lighter and provide ample support to the ankles of the boxer.
  • Practice gear: the right pair of gloves is the most important part of the practice gear of the boxer. Therefore, it is imperative, that the boxer chooses the right boxing gloves. The gloves should be made of tough yet lightweight material. These could be made from genuine leather or other synthetic substance possessing the required qualities. The fit should be perfect and the Velcro fitting should provide a tight grip so that the boxer may spar consistently. The gloves should be adequately insulated and breathable.
  • The punching bags come under the practice gear of the boxing equipment. These too should be of high quality with the right amount of weight, so that the boxer does not hurt himself while practicing.
  • Protective gear: the helmets come under the protective gear and they are important for safeguarding the face, brain and the vital organs. Therefore, they must be of the highest quality, able to bear the punches.
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